Can Texan Rats Climb Anything?

What can Texas rats climb?

You have been noticing or have heart about Corpus Christi rats moving from one place to the other within a house. A moment you hear a rat running along the corner, the next moment you hear the sound of a rat scurrying on your roof. You might have also sighted a rat on your wall or on a tree and you are wondering what a rat can climb and what a rat can't climb. This article will explain places rat can climb and why.

Where Can A Rat Climb

Rats can climb most places that they decide to. A rat can climb a wall, especially those made of stone and brick. They can, however, climb concrete walls as well. It is also possible for rats to climb trees, in between walls. They can climb fences as well. This is coupled with their ability to jump from one surface to another. Thus, do not underestimate what a rat can climb when they decide to.

Why Can A Corpus Christi Rat Climb So Many Surfaces

The secret of a Texas rat's ability to climb several surfaces can be traced to the design of their leg, their speed, their resourcefulness, and their determination. A rat's let has paws that can cling to and grab surfaces. The implication is that they can cling to and grab vertical surfaces while they are climbing. The speed at which they move also gives them an advantage, as when moving at full speed, they can maintain their vertical movement compared to if they have to move slowly, raising one leg after the other on a vertical wall. Their resourcefulness and determination also mean they can find a way to anywhere they intend. For instance, they could decide to eat their way into a container if they can't climb into it.

What Surfaces Can't a Rat Climb

A rat cannot climb very smooth vertical surfaces. They need to wall to be at the very least, slightly rough for them to be able to cling to and grab it.

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