How to Evict Texan Raccoons from Your Wall!

There can be different situations regarding the Texas raccoons in your wall. But first, are you sure that they are there?

How to know if there are Corpus Christi raccoons in your walls?

Obviously, the first and foremost thing you observe is the sounds they make. Surely, you can hear the noise of scratching right at your wall base. Also you can hear clawing and scratching due to climbing of animals on wall. This can be because of climbing over the pipe. But what can differentiate these raccoons sounds from other animal's sounds which live in your wall, like rates, opossums or squirrels? That the vocal noise.

How to get raccoons out of the wall?

There exist few approaches.

If mother Corpus Christi raccoons are present…

Firstly, check if the mother raccoons can get caught using the snare pole, via wall's top, and pulled out – can't be done by everyone but very experienced professional are required for this. After then, baby raccoons are removed through pole.

If mother raccoons aren't present…

But if mother Texas raccoons aren't there, only remove baby raccoons and use them as the live bait for trapping mother raccoons.

If hole of wall isn't accessible…

However, if void of wall doesn't seem accessible from top (as it happens 75% of times), then you have to make a void within the wall. Mother raccoons won't stick in if you use saw for cutting the void in wall. Only make sure that you the location where you are cutting – never cut exactly over the raccoons, or you may hurt them!

You need to listen or feel the animals' warmth against the walls for identifying exact their locations before cutting the holes above or next to raccoons. After then, use snare pole or thick glove for removing baby raccoons. Once again use them for catching mother raccoons.

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